Industrial application
Our products are used in the surface treatment of wood products, laser sheet metal, and punching industries.
We have been providing high-quality edge sanding machines, wood grain drawing machines, polishing machines and other products at a competitive price. Our machines can be applied to woodworking tables and chairs, cabinets, wooden doors, wooden windows and various wooden furniture. Known for high-quality features. SUNTEK Machinery meets various market demands and always brings multiple benefits to customers. Welcome to browse our operation video

SUNTEK Machinery Co., Ltd.,

is committed to promoting Surface Treatment technology for customer commitment - Surface Treatment Quality With The World.

SUNTEK mechanical polishing is committed to promoting technical and aesthetic technology. As one of the leading brands in Taiwan Surface Treatment machine industry, we feel customers expect SUNTEK machinery, especially if you want us to respond to such expectations, the customer as a starting point of all processes, of course, is not only a commitment, but we have always adhered to the principle.

The principle of customer service, of course, is to respond to customer expectations and timely to meet customer needs. SUNTEK machinery sold not only high-quality machinery, we also pass a professional attitude Surface Treatment technology, a multi-value Sanding Style This is our permanent commitment, we also continue to adhere to directions.
Business Philosophy
  • Innovative Design
    There is a professional R&D team, constantly learning new knowledge, improving quality, and developing new machines. Combining industry and practical experience, innovation and improvement, and diversified integration to meet customer production needs. Based on customer product characteristics, we are good at designing and developing novel machines to improve efficiency and create a win-win situation.
  • Professional Made
    Directly operated by the factory and made in Taiwan, we provide professional sanding machinery and equipment with h. igh quality, stable functions and high added value. Planning, design and technical integration application of various sanding production lines.
  • Customization/Tailor-made
    Assist customers in designing and developing suitable machines for new products to increase production capacity and create profits.
  • Quality After-Sales Service
    Over the years, it has been recognized by customers and peers, leading the team to the world. Provide customers with the latest market information and experience. Qianjun Machinery provides a two-year machine warranty, comprehensive after-sales service and professional maintenance services.
Country of sale and Soliciting Agents
SUNTEK supplier of woodworking machinery and metal processing machines in Taiwan, SUNTEK Machinery has rich technical experience in surface treatment technology. It continues and actively develops and provides high-quality edge brush sander、door sander、furniture sander、metal sander products, and is committed to providing comprehensive customer service to achieve Purpose of going concern.
Qianjun Machinery is committed to meeting the needs of customers from all over the world, taking this as a priority, and spare no effort to provide customers with the best quality of service. We welcome superior importers to join SUNTEK family, allowing us to establish a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship. If you are interested in becoming our agent or OEM, please contact us.