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Curved Surface Polishing Machine (STA Series)
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STA Series,Curved Surface Polishing Machine

STA Series

Curved Surface Polishing Machine , Curved Surface Sanding Machine

The Curved Surface Polishing Machine developed by Suntek features extra high efficiency in polishing operation, that significantly saves manual polishing. The multi-head configuration provides flexible head combination as desired to meet customer requirement.
  • The head combination of polishing disks and polishing roller exhibit extraordinary polishing performance.
  • Integrating multi-functions in one for high cost to performance ratio.
  • The disks oscillate during polishing contributes to polishing effect.
  • Each polishing unit rotation is controlled by an individual frequency inverter.
  • Modular design allows consumables to be replaced conveniently and fast.
  • Highly rigid machine structure ensures maximum stability during machining.

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  • Replacing Sanding Strip
    Replacing Sanding Strip Before replacing sanding strips on the entire disk assembly .Slide the fixing collar on the disk,then remove the disk for replacing sanding strips.
  • Replacing Sanding Strip
    Before replacing sanding strips on the polishing roller, pull out the polishing roller. Take out the O ring for replacing sanding strips.
  • Conveyor belt drive motor
    The conveyor belt is driven by a 2HP motor and transmitted through a worm gear speed reducer (speed reduction ratio 1:50),which provides a powerful drive for the conveyor belt.
  • Touch Screen
    • The control system employs a touch screen that offers user-friendly human-machine interface.
    • Chinese/English display to select. (Multi-nations language display will be available)
  • Disk Oscillation
    • The polishing disks on the first and the second unit oscillate during polishing,which way help to upgrade polishing performance.
    • Oscillating path is equipped with linear guideways for smooth oscillating motions.
    Powered elevation of polishing head
    • Each polishing unit is elevated independently.
    • Individual motor is used for elevation drive.
    • Equipped with linear guideways for effortless elevation motions.
  • Stable Control Performance
    The electric control circuit consists of high quality electronic components, featuring extremely stable control performance and long service life.
    Frequency Inverter Control
    Each polishing unit and feed system are equipped with independent frequency inverter, that provides variable speed change.
  • First Polishing Unit:
    Consisting of a number of straight feed polishing rollers.
    • Polishing roller diameter:300mm
    • Number of polishing rollers:7pcs (1.3M model)
    • Oscillating polish
    Second Polishing Unit:
    Consisting of a number of polishing disks.
    • Disk diameter:180mm
    • Number of disks:11pcs (1.3M model)
    • Oscillating polish
    Third Polishing Unit:
    Straight feed polishing roller.
    • Polishing roller diameter:360mm
    • Helical polishing roller dramatically upgrades polishing effect.
Model STA-1000 STA-1300
Machining Capacity    
Max. machining width 1000 mm 1300 mm
Max. machining thickness 130 mm 130 mm
Min. machining length 480 mm 480 mm
Polishing disk    
Disk diameter Ø 180 mm Ø 180 mm
Disk running speed 100-500 R.P.M (Variable speed by free inverter) 100-500 R.P.M (Variable speed by free inverter)
Number of disks 9 11
Polishing roller    
Polishing roller diameter Ø 360 x 1000 mm Ø 360 x 1300 mm
Polishing roller running speed 100-390 R.P.M (Variable speed by free inverter) 100-390 R.P.M (Variable speed by free inverter)
Feed system    
Feed speed 3-20 m/min (Variable speed by free inverter) 3-20 m/min (Variable speed by free inverter)
Conveyor table height from floor 900 mm 900 mm
Disk running motor 2 HP 2 HP
Disk oscillating motor 1/4 HP 1/4 HP
Disk elevation motor 1/4 HP 1/4 HP
Polishing roller running motor 2 HP 2 HP
Polishing roller elevation motor 1/4 HP 1/4 HP
Feed motor 2 HP 2 HP
Dust hood outlet diameter 4” 4”
Net weight / Gross weight of machine 2000 KGS 2500 KGS
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1900 x 2000 x1900 mm 2720 x 2200 x 2000 mm
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 2000 x 2100 x 2000 mm 2820 x 2240 x 2100 mm
*Specifications and design features are subject to change without notice in advance.