Consistent Production Process
Understanding sanding needs
Demand communication: You can communicate product demand through telephone, E-mail, and personal visits. Your company will take photos of the products that need to be sanded in the sanding workshop, and our company will make corresponding mechanical suggestions according to the customer's sanding needs. SUNTEK Machinery provides you with professional consulting services, suggestions and quotations.
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Planning customer sanding equipment
SUNTEK has a professional team, focusing on the technology and aesthetics of surface treatment technology, perfecting and professional planning of sanding equipment.
Professional division of labor
The high-quality team professionally divides labor and assembles power distribution, and carries out strict quality control.
The machine completed the test run and shipped
According to the samples provided by the customer, the factory conducts a test run to fully grasp the product.
Education training and after-sales service
Provide on-site education and training services: Go to your factory for education and training and complete after-sales service procedures.